Outdoor Fitness Ideas to Give You a Change of Scenery

You can shake off your indoor or gym workout, and head outdoors instead. By doing this, you not only give yourself a change of scenery, but you can also boost the effects of your workout.

Plus, when you go outside, this can help beat exercise boredom. If the weather is warm out, you want to head to where the water is. You can swim in a lake, outdoor pool or at the beach.

Swimming strengthens your muscles as well as tones. It’s also a great form of cardio exercise. Something else you can do for outdoor fitness on the water is to give kayaking a try.

This sport gives you a great workout – especially in your core. You’ll increase strength and toning in the upper body and you’ll tone your abs as well. If you’re a beginner though, you’ll want to get instructions from a professional before you begin.

Running is a great outdoor exercise. But you can get a change of scenery and kick it up a notch by adding strength training with running. The way that you do that is by finding an area to run in that pushes back.

So this would be areas that are uphill. When you run uphill, it gives your body a greater workout on your glutes, calves, hamstrings and more. You’ll also build strength. If you live in an area where it snows regularly, you can take up skiing.

The tougher the course, the more calories you’ll burn. Yoga is another exercise that you can do outdoors. You can do yoga anywhere you go and enjoy gorgeous scenery. The type of area you’re in can also add elements to your yoga workout that can boost your fitness level.

For example, you can do yoga on beach sand, in a park, and you can also practice yoga in water. Cycling outdoors can work plenty of muscle groups. Your lower body gets a workout and strengthens the calf and thigh muscles.

It also works on the feet and your glutes. But this type of exercise does work some upper body muscles – namely the shoulders and arms. In addition to that, cycling can burn calories so you lose weight and increase your overall endurance.

Another outdoor fitness idea that’s fun as well as effective is skating. Rollerblading burns close to 900 calories for every hour you participate. Plus, the workout is equivalent to an hour spent running.

You can rollerblade in numerous places outside. There are skating trails, parks and outdoor skate centers. If you prefer to ice skate, there are also outdoor ice skating rinks.
To give yourself a different view when you exercise, you can also play tennis.

You can play this sport on outdoor courts. You can round up a tennis partner or join an amateur league. For a good outdoor exercise, you can round up friends to play volleyball at the park, on the beach or in your neighborhood.

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